Website Maintenance Plans

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SEO course for beginners - Session 7I’m proud to offer you worry-free, hassle-free, totally done-for-you website maintenance and update plans that make keeping your website information up-to-speed a total breeze.

A person taking care of your website is called a webmaster. My webmaster service plans give you access to my website update services for 365 days – all you do is send me an e-mail or give me a call with the information you’d like updated – and I’ll take care of it for you!

You’ll be able to contact me for:

  • Updating of content on your website
  • Changing out a photo
  • Adjusting the write-ups or wording on your web pages
  • Adding a news article or blog post (if you have a blog)


  • I’ll regularly do all of the recommended security upgrades and updates if you have a WordPress based website, which helps keep your website safe and secure!

The structure is simple…

Annual base fee for ongoing monthly technical maintenance, plus applicable hourly fees for update services as requested.

Support is simple

The Webmaster Support plan is highly recommended if you own a WordPress-based website. Keeping your installation up-to-date is the single best way to prevent malicious attacks. It’s still not a guarantee – but the best prevention possible. Of course, you can run your website without this annual fee and either take the risk, or do the maintenance in-house.

What all does that include?

The Technical Website Maintenance Plan is focused on keeping your website’s back-end like a well-oiled machine. I will:

  • Check and update your WordPress core, all plug-ins and applicable theme(s) regularly without you having to prompt me or make me aware of it
  • Optimize your database for performance, delete spam comments, and delete post revisions each month
  • Back up your website in full, once monthly

What about malicious website attacks?

Unfortunately, website attacks with things like viruses and malware do happen, and they can start even from YOUR local computer if you catch a bad file somewhere. A firewall service or other protection is not included in my basic Technical Maintenance Plan – but it can be offered separately and I’m happy to consult with you if this is of concern or interest.

The best approach is to make sure you have your bases covered with one of these regular maintenance plans so that your site never even becomes vulnerable to more malicious attempts. If your website does get a virus or malware infection, I can assist in removing it – but that is not included in regular maintenance either and will be subject to additional fees depending on severity.

Secure Your Website Maintenance Plan Now!

Technical Website Maintenance Plan

Back-End Maintenance & Coverage


per year

Your website back end will be fully taken care of! Enjoy the peace of mind that your WordPress software and plug-in installations are kept up-to-date and running smoothly! Get this plan and I’ll add you to my list of sites to keep an eye on – that’s like a regular oil change on your car, just for your website!

Website Updates

Content Updates As Per Requests


per hour

All change requests are subject to hourly rates for service. My minimum charge for any change requests is 15 minutes of billable time.

Why hire a Webmaster?

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It’s so easy! Even if you have all the access you need to update your website yourself, sometimes it’s still easier and faster to send your change requests my way, and simply have it all done for you. I guarantee mistake-free work (of course!), and with 10+ years of experience working on websites, I am very fast and efficient with my time!

SEO course for beginners - Session 9It’s always there. What if the person you trained to be your website content editor leaves your company? Or just doesn’t have the time to get to it this week? I’ll still have you covered! From posting news, uploading new photo galleries or videos, updating events calendars, front page slide shows, or anything else that your site is built to handle – I’ll take care of it for you! All you do is send me an e-mail – and check the completed changes within 1-3 business days.

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Hourly rates apply – Send an e-mail – and check the completed changes within 1-3 business days. Time is billed in 15-minute blocks.

website designer golden bcWhat about all of the technical maintenance that nobody talks about?
My Technical Website Maintenance Plans cover all of this for you, too. I run regular updates of your WordPress core installation, plug-ins, and themes. I also make a monthly back-up of your site, run regular security scans so we’d know if your site is under attack, optimize your website database performance, and remove spam comments if they show up.

Why use on-demand services?

If you’re looking for a website go-to person to support simply when and as you as you need it – I’m at your service. I can update and make changes on any kind of website. Simply e-mail or call me with the information that you’d like updated, I’ll give you a cost/time estimate, and you’ll see the changes completed within a reasonable timeline.

Please note that there will always be a minimum 15 minute charge for any update request.

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