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Your Online Marketing Assistant

… Are you a small business owner that wears too many hats?
… Do you have seasonal front desk staff and leaving even just some of your marketing in their hands is more awful than awesome?
… Do you spend hours and hours training new staff each year only to see them leave with the skills you’ve just taught them?
… Are you struggling to get human-understandable information out of your website developer?

Perfect part-timer

Part-time Marketing AssistantI help tourism, travel and hospitality pros supercharge their online marketing in the most convenient way: as your permanent part-timer!

Basically, I become your part-time online marketing manager and suddenly, online marketing-related tasks of your business become of my concern. Depending on how far you wish to take this, of course, we limit my responsibility to certain areas. We set a reasonable amount of hours that’ll get things done for you. Within those hours and set expectations, I consistently, reliably, and pro-actively take care of your online marketing responsibilities as your one-stop-shop provider.

If you’re ready to really dive in – this opportunity is for you!

How we’d work together:

  • We talk: We meet regularly and discuss all things online marketing.
  • We brainstorm: We brainstorm campaigns, marketing plans and strategies together and prioritize the most awesome ideas to work on further.
  • Yes, your website has to rock: I need to become the steward of your website, shaping it into the awesome 24/7 marketing tool it can be for your business.
  • I’m fully accountable to you: My reports show you success rates, program performances and ROI over time.
  • Time is money: I use a professional online time tracking software to show you detailed accounts of when, how, and on what my time was spent.
  • I use my own tools: I have a full suite of software, online tools and systems in place to make my job as fast, efficient and easy for you. You don’t need to buy me a new office computer.

 Why you’ll love it:

Marketing help

  • It’s a one-stop-shop solution. No more need to outsource 5 different tasks to 5 different people.
    I do your website, your Search Engine Optimization, your social media, your e-mail marketing, your graphic design, your flyers, business cards, your logo, print ads, your company templates. Seriously. As much support as you need, it’s here! It’s like I’m your full-on, in-house, one-stop-shop sales & marketing team.
  • I’m like a staff member, but I work on contract basis.
    You don’t have to commit to hire a new staff member. No full-time, permanent promises. Granted, some of my work does need time to show results and reap the appropriate rewards, but the timing and commitment of that is completely flexible to work with what YOU want for your business, right now. With just a few hours of my time each week, learn how far we can take your business!

Why it works

I have an amazing background and experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. I have worked as an adventure guide, a visitor information counselor, a front desk agent and event coordinator. With my tech skills, I have worked as a communications coordinator, graphics & media manager, marketing planner, website developer and search engine optimization specialist.

Working with me is simple – you get an absolute powerhouse of a team member on your side. My thought process and delivery always goes full circle: from budgeting to creative direction, execution of services and reporting on your bottom-line ROI, my goal is your marketing success!

Limited availability

As you can imagine, I cannot work on this level with every client I have. I don’t have that many hours in my day (or week). However, if you’d like to be one of the few clients I work with on this basis, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I currently still have availability.

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A great impact on my sales!

I am very grateful for the creative work and marketing advice Jana has shared with me. She helped me get my product labels to what I am happy with, and they have had a great impact on my sales, the whole objective of all this investment! I am so thankful for her help in so many ways. She is very good at what she does, totally professional, a quick thinker, and very patient. She also helped instill confidence when I needed it. With sincere gratitude,

Irene Rutherford

Jana was able to uncover the subtleties that make my business stand out

I was starting my own business and needed someone to help me with the important first steps of developing a name, a logo, website, facebook page, brochure, business cards – and teach me how to use all these new things!  Jana had me answer pointed questions that helped me to clarify my business’s message and core values in a matter of weeks.  She has a gift in being able to uncover the subtleties that make my business stand out from all others, and then highlight its uniqueness throughout all the marketing material she created. I really appreciated how Jana was so patient with me as I fumbled my way through all the big decisions that needed to be made along the way. I am very pleased with the results and get numerous comments from people about how professional, colorful and easy-to-navigate the website is.  I feel like everything Jana has created with me is an accurate reflection of what I want my would-be clients to see.  Thank you Jana!

Charles Ruechel