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web design golden bcDo you want to attract more website traffic, sales and profit by positioning your business at the top of Google search results? Smart move! That’s exactly what my SEO Kickstart Program is designed to do for you!

Please read on for an explanation of my process, fees associated, and what kinds of results you can expect when doing Search Engine Optimization work.

It’s easy: I drive natural, qualified traffic to your website, and you cash in on more sales!

But first, a few ground rules of how SEO works:

It’s Not A Quick Fix

Doing search engine optimization “right” requires planning, strategy, time, commitment and analysis. I do all of this, but I require at least a 4-6 week period to work with your website before you can expect to start seeing solid results. If we work together, you’ll get monthly reports that show you how your website ranks for each of our chosen keywords and you can see the program performance over time for your self – that’s pretty cool!

How You’ll See Results

I measure SEO results in 2 ways: First, we look at the rankings reports and see where your website is positioned in Google for any given keyword term. This is a “chart” report and you’d obviously expect to be climbing the ladder and see an upward trending chart. Second, we look at your website visitor numbers (Google Analytics stats) and will expect to see an overall growth of the organic search engine traffic number – the number of people who found you via Google.

The SEO Kickstart Program

I strive to be the best SEO consultant you’ve ever worked with. My program can be as “hands-off” as you’d like, or you can ask as many questions as you’d like, and learn as many of the details as you’re interested in. Most clients are happy that “it just works”, and based on that model I will apply my proven strategies and techniques as I best see them fit in accordance to the monthly budget, targets and goals we set. More info:

The Action Plan

SEO work needs a bit of a “kick-start” fee at the beginning to properly get set-up with it all. However, as time passes, you can let off the gas and just see your initial investment at work. Still, it’s not a total “Set & Forget” program as things on the web continually change and evolve. You may find that you’d like to continue with lighter boosts and monthly investments to keep Google loving’ your site, and I have “Climb & Defend” programs for that.

Month 1 – Initial Set-Up


Keyword Strategy: First and foremost, we’ll need to formally define what customers “out there” are typing into the Google search box in order to find companies like yours. I operate extensive software that allows me to see how many people are searching for what exact keywords, and how competitive those keywords are in the search engines. Based on this research, I devise an action plan of which keywords we should optimize for, and push your website up in these rankings. You obviously cannot own each and every ranking associated with your line of business at all times, but we can start somewhere and slowly take over more and more of the “Google search results space” as we strategically move along. I always recommend to focus on keywords that are most likely to bring you qualified new customers: people who are likely to buy from you. That way, we really streamline our efforts towards generating more cash for you!

Set Performance Targets: As I start learning all about your site, your market, and the keywords we’re going after, we’ll set goals and determine realistic estimates of how much more website traffic we can expect to get.

Monitor Rankings: Once we have your keywords defined (usually 25-50 main ones), I start tracking them in my software to get a baseline idea of where we’re starting. Each month following, you’ll see a report and chart with how far up you’ve climbed the Google ladder for certain searches.

Fix The Technical Website Base Case: I’ll check your website for all technical aspects that matter for best performance in the search engines, fix the really basic “base case” set-up, and make recommendations for necessary adjustments (if needed and of larger scope). This is the “getting off the brakes” piece of the puzzle, so to allow your website the best possible chance to rank in Google. We don’t want anything silly like technical glitches or the like holding us back in SEO.

Month 2

Content Analysis and Coaching for Improvements: Now that your website is “tuned and ready”, we’ll start taking it for a drive! We’ll improve your on-page content, text, images, and other settings that make your pages friendlier to search engines. Budget and fees in this step may vary as you may have the time and ability to make a lot of these changes yourself. I’ll make sure you’re on the right track, and coach you along the way if needed. I’ll provide you with some base-case resources and reading material that you can use to learn some of the steps and how to do it yourself. Should your website require a large amount of work you’d like me to do, bulk hour rates start when you need 10 or more hours per month.

Every Month After That

Climb & Defend: Ongoing SEO months will include a mix of many SEO strategies, depending on how your website is performing and where it needs more help. It also depends on how big your site is and how much there is to still work on. At this point, I usually don’t bother you much with the “how” and “why” of things, as you’ll have found out that “it just works” and I keep maintaining, improving, and pushing your site to new heights. A big part of this is monitoring, checking stats and making sure your site doesn’t drop off in the results again (which can happen!). In Climb & Defend, I’ll just make it my business to keep your website on top of Google’s mind!

It starts at $99/month to be approachable, though you have to realize that you can’t expect magnificent results with that. Most clients choose a program around $200-$400, depending on goals, timelines, and your market. As the needs of your business ebb and flow, you can also adjust your SEO advertising budget. Please contact me for the best climb & defend program for your site.

Typical SEO Campaign Budget For A Small Business

A typical SEO project timeline and spend would be as follows:

  • Month 1 @ $700-$900
  • Month 2 @ $200-$500
  • Ongoing @ $99 and up, depending on how aggressive your program needs to be or what your expectations are for results. After the first three months working on your site as your SEO consultant, I’ll have a really good idea of your specific set-up, and will be able to make very targeted recommendations for how much your monthly spend should be to get the results we need to see.



Part-time Marketing AssistantInitial 2 Months Required: The first 2 months of this commitment to doing SEO are required for me to guarantee a proper set-up, and to start seeing tangible results. You’ll get the first check-in rankings monitoring report after month 1, though it’s not expected that you’ll jump right to #1 in the first month. All good things take time, and after the first 2 months, we look at your program again and summarize all the things we’ve achieved. If all is to your satisfaction at this point, we roll-over into on-going SEO mode as per an agreed upon monthly budget – completely optional though.

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