15 Aug

How to Manage Your Mailbox Size

Email messages, just like website files, take up valuable storage space on your hosting account. Your hosting account will very likely have a storage limit. Even if you have “unlimited” storage, it is best practice to keep your account size manageable. I wrote this guide to help you manage your online storage space – specifically related to email mailbox size. Usually, each email account created will have a storage limit of around 1GB of size. This is still a huge amount of space, and you should strive to keep the mailbox size as small as possible. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a history of your emails or important communications – not at all. However, some one-off messages may […]

22 Feb

How to do SEO without money and (almost) no time

As an SEO consultant, a very popular question I get asked is simply: “How much?” How much is it going to cost me to increase my Google rankings? I think you first need to ask how much it’ll cost you NOT to rank at the top. The first result gets 33% of the clicks. Results #2 and #3 follow with approximately 18% and 12% of clicks respectively. Less than 10% of people click the “Next” button at the bottom of the Google page. So really, if you’re not first, you’re last. Still, I do understand that there’s situations where you essentially have no time, no money, but you still need to start seeing your website bring in some more tangible […]

12 Dec

8 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies today. Just open your own inbox and you’ll see. How many newsletters, special promotions, and other mass mailing letters do you receive regularly? If you’re like me, quite a few, but that’s okay! Why? Because I’ve signed up for all of them, and I do actually like reading them. The content provides value, information, and entertainment to me. Use email marketing in your business! Seeing that most people do opt-in for the email newsletters they wish to receive, this is a great “in” for you as a business owner to start adding value to your customer’s lives. They’ve already said “Yes, I want to hear from you!”, so don’t feel […]

25 Nov

Why You Absolutely Must Have A Mobile-Friendly Website

A few years back, having your website optimized for mobile devices was more of an option than a necessity. But today, nearly everybody uses their iPhones, smartphones and tables for nearly everything. And I don’t mean just social media. From booking flights to looking up bank balances, life now gets organized on a mobile device. As a business owner and website owner,  it is absolutely imperative that you keep up with this trend, and you simply cannot afford to sleep at the switch with getting your website to work perfectly on mobile devices. Here’s why,… (Disclaimer: If you don’t know much about me yet, I recommend you read the about me section first. But in short, I’m a data geek, so be […]

20 Nov

Great Web Design Includes Call-to-Action Boxes

How much time have you spent on creating amazingly inspiring call-to-action buttons for your website? What’s a Call-To-Action button? Call-to-action buttons give your website visitors the opportunity to DO something on your website. This includes purchasing, downloading, completing an information request, giving feedback on a survey, taking a quiz, signing up for a newsletter, or anything else that interacts with your business in any other way. The button in itself has to inspire your visitor, and convert them from a passive reader into an active “do”-er. As a business owner, it is essential that you get a basic understanding on the language, scale, color and other factors that make for a good call-to-action button.  It could make such a huge difference to your bottom line! Imagine […]