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Where are you at in Google – right now?

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A typical report view for a website pushed to rank #1 in Google.

Monitor your rankings in Google.

Perhaps you have an instinct that you’re doing well in Google – or maybe the opposite is true. Maybe your business hardly ever gets any calls from people saying they found you in the search engines…

The first point of attack of any search engine optimization plan is to know where you’re at – right now – and for what. The “for what” part is quite important as that refers to the things that people type into the Google search box. Those are keywords.

Before you can monitor any kind of ranking, you need to compile your list of keywords, or desired keywords, that you think/feel/wish you would rank at the top of Google for. (If you have questions about this process, I can help there, too.)

After you have your wish list of keywords compiled, I use a combination of software programs to monitor their exact rankings in the exact search engines of your choice –,, Bing, or Yahoo, and basically any country you’d like.

Why continuous monitoring?

These software tools are incredibly useful for a number of reasons:

  1. See your progress: First and foremost, you will know if your rankings are improving based on any SEO efforts you are doing yourself, or paying someone else to do on your behalf.
  2. Notice changes in Google early: This second point is really very important! Google changes its search machine many times per year, sometimes these updates are minor, sometimes they’re huge! If you’re monitoring your rankings, you might see an unexpected drop or rise in your rankings – basically “magically”. If this works in your favour, that’s great. But what if Google has changed something significantly, which in turn makes your site not measure up any longer? You would notice a downward trend on some/many/all keyword phrases that you’re keeping an eye on, and you’d be able to respond immediately. Well before this drop in rankings may result in loss of business and lesser clients calling due to the lower positioning of your website in search results.

What are you waiting for?

Really, any website owner, in my opinion, should monitor at least a minimum amount of keywords that are key to their success in business. As running these softwares properly and accurately doesn’t come without a cost, I have created a few plans for small businesses to take advantage of.

If you have any questions about them, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask!

Rankings Monitoring Plans


Perfect for getting started!


per month

This is the perfect website rankings monitoring plan if you just need a basic set-up, but you don’t want to go through setting everything up yourself. You’ll get my personal assistance with your set-up, and any time a question comes up, you’ll just chat with me!



For more detailed search engine work.


per month

If you need a more in-depth look at your website and have many different topics and keywords, select the Business rankings monitoring plan to ensure all of your questions get answered.


No limits for premium service.


per month

If your site is larger and you wish to monitor an unlimited amount of keywords, this plan will allow you all the resources and tools to stay current with your site rankings at all times.

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