Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

seo companyDo you want to command a dominant position in your marketplace and attract more website traffic, sales and profit by positioning your business at the top of Google search results?

Smart move!

Research shows that on average, 50% of all visitors to your website have found you through natural Google search already. That’s HUGE!

Even more, your business instantly enjoys increased trust, confidence and credibility with these new customers because they found you NOT through an advertisement, NOT through a referral link, but through a genuine Google search for information.

As consumers, we instinctively trust search engines, and whatever they rank towards the top of the list, we believe to be relevant.

Why wait?

Stop losing out on sales that other businesses are capturing because they rank higher in Google. Reality is, most people rarely get past the first page of Google, let alone the second one.  If you’re not at the top of those rankings, guess what? You just didn’t get seen.

Now imagine you type a search item into Google and sees YOUR business come up as the first result; or at least on that first page. Doesn’t that feel awesome? No more ads to buy or hoping the visitor will scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on your website,… And that’s the magic of maintaining a search engine optimized website.

Right, so here’s the deal on SEO…

A lot of people seem to like making SEO sound complicated,… Perhaps even illegitimate and unachievable,… giving the industry of SEO professionals a slightly tainted reputation.

It’s true that there used to be quite a few “low quality” types of SEO industry practices to successfully manipulate Google and get fast #1 results,… And I’m sure this has added to the misconception, confusion and perhaps fear of doing any sort of SEO work at all.

But SEO can, and is being done professionally, successfully, and legitimately by many online marketers today.

SEO today

At the end of the day, search engines are machines, very smart ones, but they’re in essence still robots trying to dissect your website.

Working towards better Search Engine Optimization simply means that you’re crafting a website that’s friendly to these poor search engine robots. You want to help them read the information on your website, find their way through your pages, understand what’s being talked about, how relevant it is to what the user is searching for, and voilà – hit all those notes and you might just rank #1.

I personally find SEO more interesting and intriguing than ever and continue to prominently rank my own site and my client’s websites in search engines today.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

What is Your Magic SEO Process?

seo consultant in BC

Search Engine Optimization happens in these three areas of your website.

In essence, there are three areas in which improvements can be made to your website to rank it better in search engines.

The orange circle – this is tech land, the area of your website structure and system. It’s your code, how fast your page loads, whether it’s optimized for mobile users, and all that good geeky nerd stuff. The Google robot loves sites that are technically sound.

The green circle – this is where you have the most control as a business owner. There are many ways, guidelines, rules and checklists to ensure your content keeps Google happy. Want to learn how? Chat With Me.

The blue circle – this is a mixture of tech land and a business owner’s influence. “Building links”, but building the right kinds of links, can be a very effective strategy for improved search engine visibility.

Why SEO and not just buy Google AdWords?

SEO is a much more long-term oriented traffic generating strategy compared to AdWords. Once you have a search-engine friendly website, evolved and maintained over time, your company is set-up for a prominent position in your marketplace. If you purchase Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads instead of paying for SEO, the campaign is over the minute  you stop paying for ads.

With Search Engine Optimization, you don’t pay for the click, you just pay for long-term strategic improvements to your website. Each extra click you subsequently get by placing better in the search results is 100% FREE.

Having said that, you certainly still have to invest in SEO, whether through time or finances, but it can give you a much better Return On Investment (ROI) compared to other forms of advertising or promotion.

How long before I see results?

seo company that monitors results

Monitor your rankings in Google.

To start seeing any significant changes or results in rankings, I like to allow Google robots at least 4-6 weeks to “catch up” and notice important SEO changes on any website I work on.

A minimum period of 3 months of working together is recommended to ensure the work we put into your site translates into the ranking list we monitor, and you can start seeing real value from our Search Engine Optimization efforts.

How will I know your SEO process actually works and is producing results?

You get monthly reports on each of the keywords we are monitoring, looking something like the illustration on the right. You’ll know your exact website rankings in Google over time. Click on the image to enlarge and analyze the details.

Still Want to Learn More About SEO?

SEO is my work, my passion, my skill. If you’d like to chat, I’d love to hear from you!