15 Aug

How to Manage Your Mailbox Size

Email messages, just like website files, take up valuable storage space on your hosting account. Your hosting account will very likely have a storage limit. Even if you have “unlimited” storage, it is best practice to keep your account size manageable. I wrote this guide to help you manage your online storage space – specifically related to email mailbox size. Usually, each email account created will have a storage limit of around 1GB of size. This is still a huge amount of space, and you should strive to keep the mailbox size as small as possible. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a history of your emails or important communications – not at all. However, some one-off messages may […]

20 Nov

Great Web Design Includes Call-to-Action Boxes

How much time have you spent on creating amazingly inspiring call-to-action buttons for your website? What’s a Call-To-Action button? Call-to-action buttons give your website visitors the opportunity to DO something on your website. This includes purchasing, downloading, completing an information request, giving feedback on a survey, taking a quiz, signing up for a newsletter, or anything else that interacts with your business in any other way. The button in itself has to inspire your visitor, and convert them from a passive reader into an active “do”-er. As a business owner, it is essential that you get a basic understanding on the language, scale, color and other factors that make for a good call-to-action button.  It could make such a huge difference to your bottom line! Imagine […]