What others say...

I love your service!

Nothing to suggest. You’re always very thorough, quick, and super polite and patient. I SO appreciate you, your skill and dedication. Others should learn from your example. Thank you!

Sandy Roecken backtotheland.ca

The amount of time I saved by hiring Jana is incredible!

I approached Jana with a folder crammed with ideas, fonts and colour swatches. From this, she and I managed to create a brand and logo that suits my business perfectly. The amount of time I saved by hiring Jana is incredible! Not only did she built me an e-commerce website, but she also took the time to help me understand and navigate it. I couldn’t have launched my business successfully without her. Thank you thank you!

Terri Blizzard

We can finally say we really exist in Google world!

Since sitting down with Jana only a few months ago to discuss the direction of business, our web presence has expanded significantly. We are both industrious girls who like to do things on our own but when we came up against the wall of the web coding world (that we know nothing about and decided we did not want to tackle), we sought out Jana for her expertise. In the short time since we hired Jana, we have seen quite a jump in our website and blog post visits and we can finally say we really exist in Google world! We are happy to say we are getting more inquires about our services from other areas now and not just locally. We can't wait to see how far we can go as it will only get better. Thank you Jana!

Lolo and Noa loloandnoa.com

A great impact on my sales!

I am very grateful for the creative work and marketing advice Jana has shared with me. She helped me get my product labels to what I am happy with, and they have had a great impact on my sales, the whole objective of all this investment! I am so thankful for her help in so many ways. She is very good at what she does, totally professional, a quick thinker, and very patient. She also helped instill confidence when I needed it. With sincere gratitude,

Irene Rutherford iriebody.com

Jana was able to uncover the subtleties that make my business stand out

I was starting my own business and needed someone to help me with the important first steps of developing a name, a logo, website, facebook page, brochure, business cards – and teach me how to use all these new things!  Jana had me answer pointed questions that helped me to clarify my business’s message and core values in a matter of weeks.  She has a gift in being able to uncover the subtleties that make my business stand out from all others, and then highlight its uniqueness throughout all the marketing material she created. I really appreciated how Jana was so patient with me as I fumbled my way through all the big decisions that needed to be made along the way. I am very pleased with the results and get numerous comments from people about how professional, colorful and easy-to-navigate the website is.  I feel like everything Jana has created with me is an accurate reflection of what I want my would-be clients to see.  Thank you Jana!

Charles Ruechel elementsadventures.com

Jana is easy to work with!

Jana helped me build my website so it doesn't only look great it but also that it attracts traffic. She understands how search engines work and keeps that in mind during the whole development. Jana is easy to work with and will let you know what works and what won't in a professional way. I look forward to keep working on my brand with her!

Marloes vanLent day2daybooks.com

A pleasure to work with!

Jana is a talented designer and a pleasure to work with. She was able to take the basic information we wanted in our Annual Report, and turn it into an engaging, creative, and beautifully laid out marketing piece for our organization. She was always responsive, on schedule and budget, and accommodating of changes and suggestions. I'd happily recommend Jana for anyone looking for a top-notch graphic designer!

Tara Penner kric.ca

Amazing Re-Design!

Before working with Jana, we weren't quite sure what yet another website re-design could do for us. However, Jana not only provided us with a beautiful looking design, it also does an amazing job at engaging our audience! After launching the new site, we immediately decreased our bounce rate (people who only come to our start page but don't dig deeper into our pages) by over 90% and continue to get amazing feedback from our guests. We love the new site and how well it performs!

Darrin DeRosa cedarhousechalets.com

We'd choose Jana anytime!

Jana created 3 websites for our businesses and we get a lot of very positive feedback from customers about our internet presence, they say it is modern, professional, on top of things. We always had a very good working relationship with Jana; her company is professional, reliable with a lot of creative input. We would choose Jana any time for future business endeavors!

Lisa & Charly Zbinden-Scharlock lisazbinden.net

SEO results!

We always thought search engine optimization could only be done by technical people. Jana taught our team how to effectively write pages that rank higher in search engines and provided us with tools and knowledge on how to check-up on our own progress. Since we worked on some key landing pages on our website, we have been able to consistently achieve top 10 ranking results in Google.

Joanne Sweeting tourismgolden.com