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For Small Businesses

In today’s day and age, social media can be a game changer for your business. It’s important to have, but at the same time it can be stressful and frustrating.

“How do I get people to like my page? What’s a pin?”

We’ve divided our services into three components: strategy, plan and deliverables.


Social Media Strategy

$397 “Set-up fee”

The Social Media Strategy development is for both you and us to better understand what your business needs and how we can best provide you with that service. It is important for us to learn everything we can about your brand so that we can relay that persona onto your social media networks when we are posting and interacting with your consumers.

The strategy is completed in 4 easy steps:

  1. Branding Overview
    • Review any existing networks and provide comments
  2. Research
    • Competitors; see how they’re doing
    • Define your Industry; what are the top industry players doing with their social media
    • Best Platforms; finding out which networks will work the best for your company
  3. Content Strategy
    • Define your target audience; look into what your consumers want, what their habits are like
    • Define your content topics
  4. Goals
    • Find out what your goals are and how we can work with social media to achieve them
    • Define goals with measurable numbers and set key performance indicators (KPI)


golden bc social media


Let’s say you’re having a dinner party and you want to have a cheese board. You have so many cheeses to choose from, you almost feel the need to have them all. You’re hoping that by putting out a wide assortment, you’ll appeal to everyone. That’s how social media is for some people; they feel the need to have a presence on all social networks so that they can appeal to everyone. This is not the case. By choosing the optimal networks that best suit your company, you’ll have better interactions with your target audience and you will not be spreading yourself too thin.


All plans include:

  • Brand monitoring; see what people are saying about your brand and engage when needed
  • Staying in-line with the strategy created
  • Engagement; interacting with the online communities to further get your name out there
  • Completion of weekly deliverables as per checklist.
  • Reporting on goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s) as discussed in the strategy
  • Analytics; using in-app and Google Analytics, we will be able to track the social progress
  • Social Media Setup; write up bio, upload logo and other images
  • Graphics; any banners or profile background images that are needed for your social media profiles
  • Get you your first 25 likes/followers on your chosen channels


starting at


per month

This is a great starter service for businesses who are wanting to start out small. Facebook is a necessity for every business, which makes this perfect for beginners who are just starting out.


starting at


per month

Having the choice of two social networks bumps your social media up a level, giving you the chance to engage with even more of your target audience!


starting at


per month

For those who really want to up their social media game, this is the package for you. With more social networks and the ability to add campaigns and contests, your online reach and growth is bound to increase!


golden bc social media

Weekly Deliverables

Example (Expert Plan)

This is an example of what we would complete weekly on your various social networks, dependent on which plan you choose. There is an option to customize your weekly deliverables checklist depending on your needs.



  • 5 interactions with online community such as commenting on other pages
  • 2 article post share from another account or industry-related
  • Any posts for the company that weekly (specials, campaigns)
  • Research on which other Facebook pages to like & like 3 pages
  • Respond to comments or questions; forward to business owner via email if required



  • 10 pins of content from interesting/related other sites around the web
  • 1 pin/link back to your own website/store/products
  • Follow 2 accounts
  • Research other Pinterest boards or Pinners to follow/like
  • Respond to comments or questions; forward to business owner via email if required



  • Post 1 original photo
  • Follow 2 accounts
  • Like 10 photos from other accounts
  • Comment on 5 photos from other accounts
  • Respond to comments or questions; forward to business owner via email if required


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