Website Page Speed Optimization

Maybe you know this from your own internet browsing experience: the longer you have to wait for a website to show up on your screen, the more frustrated you get… You click the back button… Find another website to hang out on… And the website you initially wanted to look at has already lost your business – just like that!

You might think that your website is immune to this, but chances are it really isn’t. For sure, certain key customers of yours will have the patience to repeatedly wait on your pages to load and show them your content… but not everyone will, and that’s just the reality of the fast-paced internet and people’s short attention spans.

Not only do real people like you and care about how fast your website loads, the search engines also do,… having a great page speed load time is not only a smart investment for delivering a better user experience – it’s also a very smart Search Engine Optimization tactic.

Wouldn’t you love to…

… make your website pages load faster?
… get some extra brownie points with Google?
…keep your website visitors interested by showing them your content in under 2 seconds?

Self-Assess Your Site – FREE & Right Now

You can easily check, right now, how your site is doing for both desktop and mobile devices. Use Google’s very own Page Speed Insights tool and enter in your URL: What’s your score?

Your page load time will depend on factors like:

  • Your website code and set-up
  • Your website design, size and amount of files to be loaded
  • Your hosting provider’s infrastructure

Let me fix this!

For only $149+tx for a small business website, I’ll get your website to an 85% grade or higher.

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